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BOP control device

BOP control device

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BOP control device

BOP price

The remote console is composed of a base, an oil tank, an oil pump, a pump set, an accumulator set, a manifold, various valves, instruments, and an electric control box. The main function of the process console is to produce high-pressure control fluid from the pump group and store it in the accumulator group. When it is necessary to open and close the blowout preventer, the characteristics of the high-pressure control liquid from the accumulator through the manifold remote console are:

(1) Equipped with two independent power sources. FKQ series are equipped with electric oil pump and pneumatic oil pump, FK series are equipped with electric oil pump and manual oil pump. Even in the case of power failure, the system can be guaranteed to work normally.

(2) The accumulator group has enough high-pressure liquid reserves to meet the control requirements of closing all the blowout preventer groups and opening the hydraulic valve. If any accumulator bottle fails, the total liquid loss from the accumulator is not more than 25%, and each group of pipelines is equipped with a pressure isolation valve and a pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve is higher than the pressure relief pipeline, which can discharge the pressure. Outside the bottle.

(3) Both electric oil pump and pneumatic oil pump are equipped with automatic start and stop control devices. In normal conditions, even if the automatic control device fails, the overflow valve can quickly overflow to ensure system safety.

(4) The opening and closing actions of each blowout preventer are controlled by the corresponding three-position four-way rotary valve. The FKQ series control device can be used for direct manual reversing or pneumatic remote control reversing.

(5) There are various pressure source interfaces on the control manifold of the remote console, and pressure sources can be introduced when needed, such as a nitrogen backup system.


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